Ti-Malice, Strangely enough I am in agreement with you as far...

Mckenzie - October 25 2007, 12:34 PM


Strangely enough I am in agreement with you as far as the supposed "intellectuals" of this blog(of which I certainly am not an intellectual) constantly bickers and argues with one another.

I prefer that it would be otherwise.

On the other hand, fiery debate is a good thing for it shows passion, commitment, and ardor.

I, per se, do not have a problem with anyone taking this government to task. I certainly am not opposed to someone levelling constructive criticism against this government.

What I will not accept and I will defend to the last is the perfected Haitian art of "voye monte".

Criticism yes, voye monte no. Criticizing the Preval's administration for its total adherance to the dictates of the so call "international community" is valid, Criticism for not prioritising the three most important entities that could move us out of the economical, political, and social marasm that are hallmarks of the Haitian experience for the past twenty years equally is valid.

However, if any blogger crosses the path of valid criticism and ventures into disrespecting the first citizen of the land, you will feel my jab of my acerbic pen (or keystrokes).

It is high time for Haitian to learn to respect the office if not the man. The man may may have his own paccadillos, as long as it does not affect his ability to run the country, leave him to his own devices.

Equally, any Haitian has a right to criticize Haiti's shortcomings (God knows we have much to criticize), but I will not accept any little fortunate Yahoo who refers to the country that I love as a "hell hole".

I refuse to accept any purpoted Phd, who, if she is truly educated and therefore ought to know better, to claim that "under Duvalier things were better".

Does the Phd thinks that Haiti's present state came out of a vaccum?

Therefore, Ti-Malice, I will post sparingly, read the opinion of others, disagree with most, and agree with a few. I will read with alacrity and total humor to poor misguided souls who write President Preval for favors using the most ungrammatical sentences as well as those who praising him for trying to make the country better given that he inherited a quasi-failed state.

At the same time, for those who prefers to criticize the government, please continue to do so (after all this is a democratic excersize).

Above all, do it with respect.




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