This Blog Is For Haitians From All Walks of Life!!

Flo - October 25 2007, 4:23 PM

Stop all this nonsense! McKenzie I have read your current and previous posts.

May I remind you this is a Blog FOR ALL HAITIANS from all WALKS OF LIFE, i.e some may not write English very well, some may write in Creole, some may write in broken French or standard French, and some may even write in Spanish or Portuguese.

Your writings have obviously been typed on Microsof Words and corrected.

I on the other hand unless I am doing a report do not have the time for such thing.

Your tone is dripping with SARCASM.

You have engaged in PERSONAL ATTACKS against other bloggers that you have not agreed with, i.e. JamJam, you wrote " for the vulgarian that he is"; you wrote about Yaboul Patriy "irrespective of his ability to write flowing French that it cannot hide his inability to reason" you insinuated that Patriy " addressing one of his co-worker at the factory where he works." Again you are making derogatory assumptions about people that you do not know. Did Patriy confide in you that he was a factory worker?

You also wrote "this pride (conveniently) is rather limited." Was this necessary?

You yourself have admitted in engaging in names calling i.e. "Jacque Pierre" Should I conclude that you have a strong inner impulse for that particular type of action i.e. (Names callings and derogatory comments).

Who are you to question the level of education of Linda for instance, a frequent contributor to this blog anyway?

Reminder: "Your purported "Phd".

If she wishes people to know that she has a Phd or working on one that's her prerogative.

She may have made some mistakes i.e. ("sight" instead of "site") do I have to remind you that English is most likely her second language.

I had a hard time calling a computer an "ordinateur" because it did not make sense to me. What have you contributed so far to the religion discussion topic, or the economic topic?

True you have contributed a list of books and victims on the subject of Duvalier.

True XYZ was quite insolent, but you failed to notice the information and messages behind that moral anger.

Again you made derogatory assumptions about XYZ. Quick reminder: you wrote "she will respond that before she came to this country she used to live in a one-room mud hut, with no indoor toilet and running water." AND "his/her empty little lilliputian head" which meant empty petty head, and you also wrote "she received either a tourist visa or a ride on a sturdy boat" "pennyless and with only the blouse on her back" Again you are making derogatory assumptions about people that you do not know. Since you have not contributed anything constructive so far to this blog, I can only assume that you have been engaged in your own version of "VOYE MONTE" yourself.

You even had the TEMERITY to write: "I will read with alacrity and total humor to poor misguided souls who write President Preval for favors using the most ungrammatical sentences" Haitians do not need your CONDESCENSION.

Preval did not hire you as a lawyer to his defense.

You strike me as an old Jewish person who probably used to live in Haiti.

You are an HYPOCRITE yourself and devoid of RESPECT for less fortunate HAITIAN bloggers.

Haitians from all walks of life should feel COMFORTABLE posting to their HAITIAN BLOG. May I remind you another sentence that you wrote: "I opologize to you for my contribution in calling you names.

It was uncalled for. No matter how missplaced your words were, I should have known better for in the words of Alexander Pope, "to err is human, to forgive devine".

By the way the word is "APOLOGIZE" not "opologize" the word "misplaced" was misspelled also so as DIVINE.

Furthermore, take your own advice in the words of Alexander Pope "To err is human and to forgive divine".

And I will add also do not judge others, so you may not be judge, and by the way learn how to spell the word PLAGIARIZE also. Take this advice from me unless you have something SUBSTANTIVE to contribute to this blog DO NOT COME BACK!

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