Mr. TiMalice, Bonjour! Merci pour le compliment, disons, vous...

Mardochard Louis - October 26 2007, 1:30 PM

Mr. TiMalice,


Merci pour le compliment, disons, vous abondez dans mes pensees, ou plus precisement notre esprit se communique.

in fact, the plagiarism is not my weakest link, I am very careful not to build on other people's ideology foundation, but some time, our inspirations, influenced by a similar objectivity, have filled up our sentiments with the same linguistic expression.

I salute also the understanding that you have about the profane languages some blogger used on this site, and which need to stop in no time soon. One may not agree with some one point of view of others, but that does not mean you should blast him/her with indecent naked words which are indigestibles to our literary tastes.

Mr. Ti-Malice, I am glad that there is some one like me on this site who stands for the decency, and I think those QUI ONT LE VERBE HAUT need to modify their expressions for the sake of good and decent communication.

Finally, your pseudonym doesn't affect at all your intelligence, it shows instead the humility of a great spirit-minded individual whom the paradoxical ideology dares to be different from the vulgairs.

Respectfully yours.

Mardochard louis

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