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Mckenzie - October 26 2007, 11:37 PM


Point well taken.

One last clarification and I will put this unfortunate episode behind me. Firstly, to the claim that I am not Haitian, I was born in the department of Artibonite, specifically in the town of St. Marc (Rue Pechinat to be exact).

I was born to a peasant woman with an elementary education.

My father was a minor civil servant.

I came to this country at the age of ten. Thanks be to God my parents believe in education.

Secondly, as for the allegation that I look down on Haitian who are less fortunate than myself, note I criticized XYZ because he referred to a Haitian troubadour as smelling underarm.

I will fight to the last to defend these people because as I posted "there for the grace of God go I" because that "smelly" person could easily have been me. Thirdly, I hate this back and forth with Flo or whomever.

Flo missed the tenor of what I was trying to tell XYZ, I specifically used the terms of "Lilliputian" and "Yahoo" not to advertized for the internet search engine company rather I was using SATIRE.

The master of the idiom in the English language is Jonathan Swift.

Please see his two seminal works "Gulliver's Travels" or "A Modest proposal".

Lastly, as for the back and forth with Linda.

I felt that she came accross as being tepid and naive when she claimed that things were better under that horrible monster Duvalier.

Calling her a pollyanna was rather harsh, but when one sees good side in everything-no matter how proposterous, the term for that person is pollyanna.

Having made these rectification, the matter is hereby put to rest.



P.S. I specifically recall your back and forth with Flo.

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