The battle of the minds!You are a Fraud McKenzie!

Flo - October 27 2007, 4:22 AM

I on the other hand have used your own WORDS to EXPOSE you for the PRETENTIOUS FRAUD that you are. Your CLASSICAL education have failed you since you made spelling mistakes in the very words that you used to convey your ARROGANT messages.

Look at yourself in the MIRROR before you judge others.

No HAITIAN would write this *****"with time and due delligence you might just reach me" And " I will read with alacrity and total humor to poor misguided souls who write President Preval for favors using the most ungrammatical sentences" **** Again the word is "diligence".

Perhaps you have forgotten what you wrote already, but I am going to REMIND you of those very words EVERYTIME you post SOMETHING on this blog.You strike me as a typical white man, always pretending to know it all, and always pretending to be better than everyone else. I strongly suspect that if in fact you have lived in Haiti as you claimed, you were one of those temporary residents, perhaps one of the American soldiers or one of the Un soldiers.

You do not fool me at all. Again Preval did not require your services.

I am finish with this subject BEGONE from whence you came and leave us "misguided souls" (as you have written) alone.

This blog is for Haitians by Haitians.

Its just like I suspected you are SHAMELESS as well. Go spout your VENOM elesewhere.

Stop meddling in Haitian affairs.


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Madochard, Point well taken. One last clarification...


The battle of the minds!

It is so sad to see that the intellectuals can not get along over any issues. Instead of proufoundly analyzing a...

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. Flo, I would like you to keep your participation in...

Flo, I would like you to keep your participation in...

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