Flo, I would like you to keep your participation in this...

Ti Malice - October 27 2007, 6:08 AM


Flo, I would like you to keep your participation in this blog! You have made tremendous contribution.

Energetic, intelligent, and educated, you are blessed.

I am begging you to leave this matter behind you. Spare your intelligence and your energy to bring new ideas to this blog! It is a waste of time to fight each other over misspelled.

I understand your frustration, but for heaven's sake, stop paying mind to foolishness.

We as are way out from the topic we chose to debate on: how to improve Haiti's economy.

If I was a teacher, I will fail all of you because your discussion is not about economy.

We focus too much on a person's misdeed, arrogance and ignorance.

We muss show restraint in our approach in dealing with people who get on our nerve.

" Le chien aboie, la caravane passe".

Our journey to a beautiful and prosperous Haiti is long and arduous.

People who purposefully disrespect us remind us to help our brothers, and to put pressure on our leaders to improve what needs to be improved.

Honestly, I learn something from this entire affair: to help someone at home get some education.

We see that our Haitian brothers despise us and put us down if we can not spell, write or even looking for help! Let's sponsor at least a child to go to school in Haiti.

Let's see how we can improve education in Haiti.

Since Mr. Mackenzie value so much his high education, let' see what he has to offer to bring us to his standard! Let him come up with some feasible idea to improve education in Haiti.

This should be our Topic to debate on this week. Let us turn the Mackenzie and XYZ affairs into something positive.

Actually, this week, we should talk about economy and education.

Mr. Madochard will set the tone, and the rules for a fruitful discussion...

We must turn this blog into an educational instrument!

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