Flo, I guest that you want to joust with me intellectually...

Mckenzie - October 27 2007, 12:48 PM


I guest that you want to joust with me intellectually speaking.

So be it. You claimed that I am a fraud because I misspelled a few words.

For homework tonight I want you to google T.S. Eliot.

Look for the history of his most famous poem "The Waste Land".

You will see that the editor of that great poem is no other than Ezra Pound.

Ezra Pound practically obliterated the original text. Did it in any way prove that T.S. Eliot was not a great poet?

Flo, I said it before and am going to say it again, you are no match for me. I challenge you to pick a subject (any subject) and we will debate it with you.

There is something wrong in academia when an ostensibly college student is not even aware when someone is using SATIRE to make a point.

It is possible that the "college student" never heard of Alexander Pope before I quoted him, much less Jonathan Swift.

Flo, you advised me that I should not come back to this site unless I had something substantive to add to the discussion.

I take you on your challenge.

I have a question for you. Tell me in one single-spaced paragraph and in five hundred words or less what relevance does the ideal state in "Plato Republic" have to do with the present situation that has befallen Haiti in the past twenty years?

Please be concise, precise and coherent.




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