Hola Djakut. I was Teasing him.

Flo - October 29 2007, 2:14 AM

Since he has replied to other issues, therefore I know that he continues to read this blog. I was checking to see if he wanted to go for round 2. When that old "fox" was cornered with evidence, he demonstrated that a good defense was a good offense.

I liked that strategy and I was dying to use it back on him. He won't write me back, otherwise I will use (Robert Greene, the writer for 33 strategies of war) bite size strategy on him. I am having fun.

Response to:

Flo, i see that you're buying Mardochard face here...


The battle of the minds!

It is so sad to see that the intellectuals can not get along over any issues. Instead of proufoundly analyzing a...

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