Giving Haiti Back To God

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We cannot denied the fact that God is the creator and Governor of the whole world.

He is is a jealous God in that after he created us, we move away from Him, adoring other gods.
Haiti for a long time has been worshipping the gods of Africa, the gods of Africa have no power, no eyes, no mouth, no authority, no love for the children of the world.

We need to ask God forgiveness and look to Him for direction and guidance specially if you have been given a second chance to lead your nation.

Tell the people to go back to worshipping God and ask for deliverance from the forces of darkness that envelop the island.

You will be surprise how succesfull the rest of your presidency would be.
May God give the Grace to seek His Face and He will fill your heart with love and protect you from your enemies.

Bob Heraux, October 31 2007, 8:34 AM

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Therefore God do not have HUMAN sins for JEALOUSY is a sin. So as IGNORANCE by the way. Haitians in general do not... read more >
Flo, 31-Oct-07 11:38 am
It seems to me, you're always looking at the dark side of Christianity, the religion in itself does not cause harm to... read more >
Ti Malice, 1-Nov-07 3:34 am
You Ti Malice is looking at the darker side of Voudou or Sacred Spirit Divine. I do not see anything wrong with people... read more >
Flo, 2-Nov-07 3:13 am
It is a waste of time to have a dialogue with a few people on this blog, particularly Flo!. They have created an... read more >
Ti Malice, 2-Nov-07 10:29 am
Hi, I did not know Africa had its own Gods. I did not know the Haitian people worship the Gods of Africa. My friend... read more >
Rubens Titus, 3-Nov-07 6:31 pm
Hey pastor Bob, which God are you refering to? Is he the same God which was introduced to the native Indians, owners... read more >
Boje Lwijan, 13-Nov-07 3:08 am
Boje Lwijan Thanks for telling Pastor Bob some basic truth. Saves the rest of us from having to go down that path... read more >
Linda, 13-Nov-07 12:13 pm
Where where is this message? Linda? I have to navigate to this message. Boy I must have missed it. This guy is going... read more >
Flo, 13-Nov-07 12:27 pm
JEALOUSY Is coveting another's goods. God on the other hand is a SUPREME REALITY or UNIVERSAL DIVINE ENERGY. Remember... read more >
Flo, 13-Nov-07 1:39 pm
It is very surprising that the world is still exposed to ideas such as those generated throughout centuries. During... read more >
Jean-benito Mercier, 22-Nov-07 9:01 pm
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