god is not human

Flo - October 31 2007, 11:38 AM

Therefore God do not have HUMAN sins for JEALOUSY is a sin. So as IGNORANCE by the way. Haitians in general do not WORSHIP any AFRICAN GODS they do worship deities and practice a form of ancestor worship no different than CATHOLIC SAINTS and all the other people the EUROPEANS call ANGELS, and PROPHET they call GOD which was done after the 3rd CENTURY by the way about 300years after JESUS had died. By all means Haiti do need a SPIRITUAL revival it was their religion after all and their concept of GOD and divine spirits that gave them the courage to throw away the yoke of slavery and propelled them forward, because all those brotherly Christians had caused them to cry TEARS OF BLOOD.

Just like the Jews it was their religion that kept them together in the face of TYRANNY, AND ANARCHY.

Do not PRESUME to think that one religion is better than another for you do not know the crimes committed by that religion and the lies told by those who professed to be so holy. Haiti's religion will never be stamped out for it was linked with their revolution for independence.

If you do go to church on Sundays know that was the day that SOME of the Europeans used to worship their SUN GOD therefore SUN DAY. Christmas and Easter are holidays from previous religious worship as well. HAITI need to reform their religion just like Christianity was reformed.

So long.


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