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It seems to me, you're always looking at the dark side of Christianity, the religion in itself does not cause harm to anyone, and It is the fanatics with their intolerance that caused all the troubles.

First, every one knows the fact that Sunday was the day the pagans worshiped the "god" SUN. However, to the exception of 7th Day Adventists, and a few other dominations, Christians establish their worship day on the fact that our Lord was resurrected on Sunday.

Secondly, you are harsh on your remarks about the brother saying that God is jealous, and you think that jealousy is a sin. According to the book of Exodus 20, God says he is a jealous God...It is evident trough the entire scripture that God can get, and did get mad, does and did things that our feeble mind cannot comprehend.

He doesn't want us to worship idols and false gods according to the book of Exodus, the 20th chapter.

You are well aware that Christians are not stupid and gave birth to untold greats minds that humbly let their faith guide them. We can not use active reasoning to grasp the mystery of God. You can believe in whatever you want to, but God remains a jealous God. If we really look at Bookman's Prayer, he was not calling Dambala Wedo, Ogun Feray, TI Jan danto ( our funny blogger), Erzulie Freda, Simbi Nan Dlo, Ti sole, Baron Samedi, Linglesou, Saint this or that! Therefore no credit should be given to the Religion.

Here is his prayer and please after reading it, tell me who he was praying to: "Good God who created the Sun which shines on us from above, who rouses the sea and makes the thunder rumble; The god of the white man calls forth crime but our God wills good works.

Our God who is good commands us to vengeance.

He will direct our arms and help us. Throw away the likeness of the white man's god who has so often brought us to tears and listen to liberty which speaks in all our hearts."
Translated from the original version: "Dieu, qui a créé la terre ; qui a créé le soleil qui nous donne la lumiere.

Dieu qui maintient l'océan; qui fait hurler le tonnerre.

Notre Dieu qui a des oreilles pour entendre.

Toi qui est caché dans les nuages; qui nous observe d'où tu es. Tu vois tous ce que le blanc a fait pour nous faire souffrir.

Le Dieu de l'homme blanc lui demande de commettre des crimes.

Mais le Dieu en nous veut faire le bien. Notre Dieu, qui est si bon, tellement juste, il nous commande de venger les offenses.

C'est lui qui dirigera nos bras et nous apportera la victoire.

C'est lui qui nous aidera.Nous devons rejetter l'image de Dieu de l'homme blanc qui est sans pitié.

Écouter la voix de la liberté qui parle dans tous nos coeurs".

He was calling upon God, and invited his brother to listen to the voice of freedom.

He was in no way referring to " a plethora of ancestral deities.

He as a Muslim believed in one God. He was no calling these blood thirsty, "mais grille" hungry, and tafia loving spirits that pit us against each other, turn our brothers, neighbors, cousins into zombies.

We know these zombies are used to work day in night.

Did you ever hear any of us say "mwen travay kon Zombi"?

These infamous hougans kills and destroy.

These hougans through which these "deities" operate "fe moun tounen bef, kabrit, kochon".

Is that the religion you are promoting! A religion which de-humanize, terrorize and destroy?

Have you ever heard of " Champwell, Makanda, Bizango, Lougarou, Galipot, Soukouyan, Tete San Ko, Zobop and all these secrete societies?

Why don't they operate in broad day light! Psalm 91 call them " la peste qui marche en plein minuit"! I am not ashamed to call myself a Christian and I am proud of it! like I say in one of my post, I was raised and born in a community where voodoo is widely practiced.

I can tell you today, everyone I know who accept Jesus as their savior have a better life! We get some education, a profession, some of us do not, but they are better off than the ones who choose to feed the "lwa" than their own children, the one who chose to make some extravagant ceremonies for these spirits than to save money to go to school! I know a man who is my neighbor who went to Haiti and did a grandiose, and spectacular ceremony to his "Lwa", according to his account he sacrificed 33 chicken, 7 cows, numerous goats to feed the "servite".

In voodoo language we call that "gombo" ( bay gombo)! he hired a "band Rara from Leogane", I saw the video! he was proud of himself! After a month, he was fired from his job, after a year he was kicked out of his apartment, ran out of luck and still seeking the protection of these evil forces, he went back home guess what: he is stuck there!!!.

Flo, I do not think you are balanced in your opinion.

You are one sided.

You are demonizing Christians and call them ignorants for the simple reason they are expressing their beliefs.

You are talking so bad about Christianity, yet you are living in a country that says in God We Trust, a country founded by Europeans Christians.

You are still here. I do not want to be rude, but let me ask you this: do you ever consider living in a country not influenced by Christianity, where you can freely join a secrete society, or may be becoming a "mambo"?

How many schools, hospitals, clinics, and universities build by a voodoo priest?

To the contrary, our Christian pastors and priests have tremendously contributed to education, health, social justice, and economic development of our country.

They are far from being perfect and do some apprehensible things, most churches have a school, and I haven't seen one in next to a "peristil".

Like it said " today, choose who you want to serve, but me and my house we will serve the Lord".

Peace be with you all

Ti Malice, November 1 2007, 3:34 AM

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