god do not have human characteristics

Flo - November 2 2007, 3:13 AM

You Ti Malice is looking at the darker side of Voudou or Sacred Spirit Divine.

I do not see anything wrong with people dancing to their Grand Maitre Divine and experience The God in their own way according to their culture.

As far as crimes are concerned there are good and bad in every religion.

Voudou cant even compete with the millions killed by the Catholic church through their crusades and burning people alive the pope bull was written to follow how exactly to torture people to get them to confess all sort of absurdities do not forget how they used to declare widowed women witches so they can steal their land. Relax with that God is jealous stuff.

Where educated by the Church?

is that why you are so loyal to that association of homosexuals.

Of course there are some very good religious ones but I cant tell from they way they have been raping those little boys. Capiche!

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It seems to me, you're always looking at the dark...


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