It is a waste of time to have a dialogue with a few people on...

Ti Malice - November 2 2007, 10:29 AM

It is a waste of time to have a dialogue with a few people on this blog, particularly Flo!.

They have created an atmosphere where no ones can sit down and have an intelligent, respecful and poductive discussion with them. Their accusatory, disrepecful and irrational statements are discouraging and turn into personal attacks.

Flo with her fiery temper associated with her hatred for christians, catholics in particular, her arrogance, antisemitism, and intolerance toward people who don't share her views, beliefs and lifestyle, her open disguss for homosexsuals and whites, mostly Europeans, and her open racism discourage people to respond to her post or even frequent this blog. She and others take pleasure in name calling, and arguing and chasing away people who can positively contribute to this blog. I do believe dialogue, freedom, education and anything that elevates a person's condition.

Since Flo's arival on this blog, things have changed her fiery temper, and her "know it all" attitude are repulsive, and therefore keep people away! It was a pleasure to meet a few great minds here. I will never forget Brother Zanj, Sister Linda, Mckenzie, G Rard, Madochard, Titus, Gros Morne, Max, Fre Janba, Gros Jean, Djakout, Unknown and even you, sister Flow whose mind is tormented and distorted by the negative power of Dambala or whatever your "Sacred Spirit Divine" is. From you all, I've learned something; this blog was a place where some intelligent people came to learn, and some fools to teach and incite quarel and division, or preache intolerance and hatred; all of us know that "Nothing is so dangerous that a fool who has the appearances of an intelligent man"; We can not learn from, nor convince them, or even engage in open and frank dialogue with them.It's a waste of our precious time. Recently on this blog, good discussions becomes impossible with a few "intellectuals" who refuse to see or to seek the truth, but already claim to have it. Therefore, it woud be best for me to leave this blog with this recomforting word of Voltaire "Je meurs en adorant Dieu, en aimant mes amis, en ne détestant pas mes ennemis, en haissant la superstition.


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