Flo - November 2 2007, 2:44 PM

The Haitian Government should keep a close watch on any foreign organization in Haiti that are offering free medical care. In fact they should be required to apply for a "special license" to operate in Haiti.

The government should assign a few "watchers" to conduct random tests of the medications, vaccines, or any other materials that foreign organizations that have declared to produce immunity against diseases in Haiti.

They could be using Haitians as Lab Rats just like they did with Africans in remote villages to test their Pharmaceutical products.

(Why pay that 2thousand dollars plane ticket when they can operate in their backyard in Haiti) (The movie about ""The Constant Gardener"" based on true events which occurred in Africa comes to mind) Beware of some of those missionaries also. The Africans have this saying "When the white man came, we had the LAND and they had the BIBLE, they taught us how to pray with our eyes CLOSED, when we OPENED our eyes, they had the LAND and we had the BIBLE.


Haitians from everywhere unite!!!

Once again, the american establishment has shown its ugly side when it comes to dealing with minorities, especially...

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Hi, Flo That is not an African saying; that's a...

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