Max Max Max of course the President is trying to stay in...

Flo - November 13 2007, 12:09 PM

Max Max Max of course the President is trying to stay in office.

They do not want the diaspora to vote. All those Harvard, Cambridge and Sorbone graduates are a threat to them. They are like "Alpha dogs" defending a juicy bone. The problem is due to their shortsightedness Haiti has turned into a decrepit and dilapidated country.

The laughing stack of the international community.

We have lost so much prestige around the world that Gabon in Africa have passed an "ordinance" not to let anymore Haitians into their country.

A Haitian teen-ager killed himself a few years ago in Miami because his American girlfriend found out that he was Haitian.

I can go on and on but you get the picture.

People do things and they do not think it will affect the Haitian people as a whole but it does. Now Haitians are being accused of AIDS again.

You would thing that Haitian men would stop having extra-marital affairs and stop bringing HIV that causes AIDS or HPV that causes cervical cancer to their wives or significant other.

But they do it anyway.

I guess They have to learn the from the hard knocks of life. The lessons are usually repeated until they are learned.

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