To have pride you have to know your history, otherwise any...

Linda - November 15 2007, 9:26 AM

To have pride you have to know your history, otherwise any foreigner can tell you their version of your history and you will accept it as true. Only half the Haitian population can read, and of those who can, most of them can't really read beyond elementary levels.

Because, our governments have not done their job--including P Preval--whites from all over the world took advantage of our people's illiteracy to teach them that they are inferior.

My research into this shows that since the Jean Claude Duvalier government, the only education that our people have gotten have been mostly from missionaries and other white foreign nationals, who have been teaching our people that their ancestors--our heroes--were savages.

Those Haitians that were taught this are now the adults in our country.

Hence, it is no surprise that we now have a population with no self-esteem.

What the whites were able to do to blacks all over the world they had not been able to do to Haiti until recently; that is to make Haitians think that they are inferior to whites.

By allowing white foreigners to teach our people about their history, the Haitian governments have caused permanent damage to our national self-esteem.

Although one day we might get out of this political and economic mess that we are in, we will never regain the cultural essence of pride we use to have. I don't know who P Preval has working for this new literacy campaign that he has launch, but if is is directed or implemented by foreign nationals this self esteem issue in Haiti will only get worst.

As it is, I think the problem is already irreversible.


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