Lagurre and Fanes I know how you all fell

Ben B. - November 1 2006, 9:00 PM

Lagurre, I agree with you 110% because i feel sorry for Fanes I understand his pain, maybe I want to study in haiti but situation are so crasy, but at the same time all haitian should understand we are unwanted in dominican republic, it come to the point that the gov. of dominican rep. says that

Haitians destroy the image of their country because all over the street in dominican rep. you see haitian children and woman sanding in the corner begging for money, and create a lot of trash and (bidonville) as we all knows dominican rep. has a large tourist market they do not want those poor haitians children/woman destroy the beautiful image of their country, it can endanger their tourrist market.

To some extent I agree with the Dominican gov. because, image if we have the possibility that dominican has and we see all those millions dominicans flood our country like we do to their country, we will hunt them down more aggressicely.

I know some haitian like to do trash, we have an example, look, how we trash haiti!!! Now the best thing is to all haitians try our best to change our situation one day we can be respected in front of dominican

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Do not go to a country that you are not welcome...


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