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To: Haitian President René Garcia Préval

Dear Mr. President:

We, the undersigned, condemn the kidnappings and violence in Haiti;
therefore, we urge you to find peaceful solutions to end the civil
unrest and restore security.

The Haitian people deserve to live in a secure and peaceful environment.

Although it will take time for Haiti to financially prosper, the civil
chaos only hinders the utmost aid that the people can receive from the
international community.

Fact: Every time Haitians living abroad send money, food, and clothing
to a family member or friend in Haiti, they are keeping that person alive.

What is the Haitian government doing to support its citizens?

We are certain that you have heard the cries of the people: They need
food, security, health care, a constant flow of electricity, roads,
employment opportunities and so on!

It's now 2006, and it's a disgrace that Haitians are still suffering
from their political leaders' actions.

Mr. President, there are people--Haitians abroad in particular with
various skills--who would love to contribute to the rebuilding of Haiti, and finally see her gain the respect that she deserves.

Again, restoring security should be your immediate priority; for once
that is accomplished; everything will surely fall into place.

For example, Haiti will be able to benefit from tourism and the companies that once employed Haitians will want to return.

It is imperative that you respond to this letter by publicizing your strategies for resolving the aforementioned problems


The Undersigned

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Justice, November 2 2006, 5:46 PM

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