It is very surprising that the world is still exposed to ideas...

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It is very surprising that the world is still exposed to ideas such as those generated throughout centuries.

During the Middles Ages people were burned alive, chopped off, guillotined, accused of atheism, heresy licencing other people to commit crimes on the basis they are God's selected sons over the rest of God's creatures.

We have yet to hear God speak on His own words.

Despite the advanced means of communication for a better harmonization of the world with itself, despite the advanced technology that should allow the world to be better multiculturally educated, more understanding, and tolerant, we have those ideas that still express a willingness to hate, condemn other people's cultural traditions because we developed some sort of sacred craziness that God permits only us to judge, discriminate, put down whomever we believe don't live according to our own standards which are perhaps unauthorized by God Himself.

So, we lend God our human weaknesses, the uncontrolled inclination to kill, condemn, hurt, mistreat, underestimate by all means necessary people who are different from us. If we are so sure about God being the Creator and Governor of the world why on earth do we have to dictate Him our will?

Why on earth do we have to precipitate imposing on Him a certain judgement we are getting excited about from the privacy of our home?

Recognizing that God is the main Creator and Governor should be enough to inspire us to be wise and humble, not to pretend speaking on God's behalf in order to force on the world our shorted human view, appetite of revenge and destruction.

When the European colonists went to different regions in the past where the inhabitants were quietly and peacefully living their lives, they pretended to civilize and save those people because in their mind they were pagans.

It has been centuries ago, but today we still have some people utter death sentence against, kill, lynch other people on religious grounds.

In Haiti, at certain times, certain religious groups have been aggressive persecuting others, destroying things they don't feel comfortable around, even kill for many unknown reasons; during the "Rejete" campaign in Haiti the Catholic churches highjacked the law of the land, chased Ougan, Manbo, destroyed baobab trees, several Voodoo temples; the Protestant churches constantly express intolerance toward the Voodoo religions all this because they are nourishing the pretension of being only God's sons and daughters.

There is no force of darkness in Haiti, what we have in Haiti is the dark mind of some people who believe they have been having some sort of enlightenment, but yet despite all that enlightenment the situation in Haiti remains the same. Haiti is as it is because the churches whatever they are have not educated the people well enough to understand that Haiti need no celestial miracles, but young men and women well educated in all necessary fields biology, engineering, sciences, agriculture, in all the fields in which the country has evident deficiency.

There is no way to evaluate the goodness of a soul according to scientific standards, but when a road is bad it can be seen quite immediately, an engineer can be held accountable.

Give us a break with the idea of darkness! We must forget about any theological explanation of Haiti being a poor State, it won't make and will only make us wonder.

The objective explanation of Haiti as it is today is to be found throughout history, past and present, and the mismanagement of the land affairs by our political leaders.

That's all! Let's not get God involved in the suffering of the Haitian people which could have been shameful to God as the supreme and absolute principle of Good. The Gods of Africa have nothing to do with Haiti's sufferings.

It is out of ignorance that we are making such statements because unless God speaks for His own self we cannot pretend we know God's thoughts, ideas and intentions.

The feelings we are expressing on behalf of God are our human feelings, and they carry the germs of hatred, racism, discrimination, and intolerance as I mentioned earlier.

We must stop using the name of God to talk evil or do evil; if we, as Christians around the world we cannot, based on our faith, change the world, if we cannot tell the mountain to move and see it move, it is not because the forces of darkness, it is because of the weakness of our faith, it is because of the falsehood of our faith.

Strong believers will tell things to be changed and they will, they won't let the forces of darkness overcloud or overshadow their faith, it should shine through whatever anyway if we really want to provide a theological solution to the socioeconomic problems of Haiti.

Let's be more practical, let's say we are going to collect the tithes from our churches and send them to Haiti so each department can afford to have a forensic lab for instance to scientifically study the crimes committed, how helpful will that be instead of talking about the forces of darkness, let's send the churches' tithes so we can stimulate a lighting revolution in Haiti, let's talk about that! Let's live God alone people!

Jean-benito Mercier, November 22 2007, 9:01 PM

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It is very surprising that the world is still exposed to ideas such as those generated throughout centuries. During... read more >
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