What a sad individual you are. You smell of horror and horror...

Linda - November 23 2007, 9:08 PM

What a sad individual you are. You smell of horror and horror never leads to anything positive for anyone.

Have you not had enough of our Haitian brothers blood on each other's hands.

What exactly is a person like you made of. You can't possibly be made of the same stuff that other human beings are made of. You are not even like most other animals.

Other species in the animal kingdom only kill for survival; people like you just kill for the pleasure and than you try and make it look like your doing it for some great reason.

Even the hyenas don't come down to your level of horror and stink.

Why don't you just die and leave the rest of humanity alone.

Oh, what!! You can kill, but you don't know how to die. Here, let me help you.
1. find a rope.
2. find a tree...no need to get picky; any tree will do.
3. make a loop with the rope and secure that loop with a knot; we want to make sure that it works well.
4. now, hang the rope over the tree and tie it there; make sure the rope is tied securely to the tree; were all cheering for you to do this part really well.
5. now put a chair right underneath that very nice noose.

6. OK, now the rest is easy; stand up on that nice chair, put your neck through that loop, with a real swift kick push that chair away and enjoy the free fall.
7. when you get to hell, you can tell the others that are pure evil like you all about your great experience.


dans 25 jours qui viens ........

Haiti dans le noir et de sang......

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Hi, Linda I did not know you had a sense of humor LOL...

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