Harry, congratulations for your logical intervention. I have...

Nelson A. Jean-phillipe - November 28 2007, 5:03 PM

Harry, congratulations for your logical intervention.

I have read Linda's posts; she is very arrogant and will not answer any question.

She is good at cutting people throat and put them down. Actually, she is an imposter who switched her name from Flo to Anacaona, and now to Linda.

Linda was a fine anthropologist on this blog with such a great analytical mind! She left long time ago. This Linda has the same writing style as Flo. It is absolutely ridiculous to see people ripping each other apart like this, on this blog, rather than searching for viable, durable, and attainable solution for the common good! That is why I never participated in any discussion on this blog.
There is nothing wrong with asking questions.

As long as we keep putting the blame on the French, Americans and others for the country suffering, we will not focus on what we can do to save the country by improving its economy.

The French are gone! So are the Americans.

But we still have the country in our hands and we are letting it go down, down, and down and there is nothing we are doing to stop its deterioration.

We rather engage in vain discussions and destructive behaviors than focusing on the problems our country is facing.

We like a leader more than the country, because of selfish interest, ignorance or mere stupidity.

We take aim at anyone who dares say something contrary to our political or religious belief, even when what is being said or asked can lead to a good solution...

Our mentality?

Hmm, this is our first enemy, an enemy not easily vulnerable.

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This is the reason why I dont like to get into...



Topic for next week: please share your ideas, post an economic model. Contribute.

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