Chavez Defeat: A warning for Preval

Trebu Patriote - December 4 2007, 4:44 PM

Chavez has been defeated with his proposal to amend the Venezuelan Constitution.

The NO has won. Chavez failed to take into account the basic needs of the population: there is a tremendous shortage of food and coruption is rampant.

Chavez is thinking more about succeeding himself than getting a societal project that will bebefit all the Venezuelans.

It is a warning for President Preval.

Like Chavez, He failed to address the real problems of the Haitian people.

He has no plan to put Haiti back on track.

Poverty is the dominant factor in Haiti and there is no plan to attack it.

Unemployment is everywhere.

Hunger is everywhere.

Haiti, in 2007, is a country with deficient infrastructures: no roads, no electricity, no potable water, not enough well supplied and equiped health centers, not enough schools, no agriculture production, no reforestation and soil protection projects.

The youth, the future of the country, is abandoned to itself.

Insecurity and criminality are everywhere.

Drug dealers are ruling the Senate and the Lower House.

The Judges are corrupted.

State authorities no longer pay respects to the ancestors and their glorious acts ( Dessalines, Bataille de Vertières).

They drink champagne with the occupying forces like Sudre Dartiguenave and Louis Borno.

President Preval does not have the will and the competence to tackle the problems Haiti is facing.

But He wants to amend the Constitution.

He wants to destroy the institutions.

He wants to prolong his mandate.

He wants to succeed himself indefinitely.

Like the courageous people in Venezuela, we need to stand up and and yell a resounding NO.

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Rft says...

Hi, my friend you are misinforming the people about Chavez. We all have seen defeat. But if you can meet triumph after... more »

Flo says...

Although your warning to Preval about the constitution is sound, but you need to stop listenning to American... more »

Linda says...

Flo has a very good point here; the negative propaganda about Chavez comes from the American government's inability to... more »

Linda says...

Flo has a very good point here; the negative propaganda about Chavez comes from the American government's inability to... more »

R says...

This is just plain warped and thinking. This person is obviuosly poisoned with the words of jerks full of hatred. If... more »

Herman says...

this message is for "R": i think that Flo is right, and that the american propaganda pretty much depicts the way that... more »

Djakut says...

when the americans want to control you, they START with THE RED CROSS, then the UN. Why is the UN located in the US... more »

Black Panther says...

Perhaps this person who hides behind "R" needs to check all of his facts. For instance, from the top of Alaska to the... more »

Ed Gauvin says...

The defeat of Mr.Chavez is a positive sign that he's not the dictator that so many people claim. If appears as if the... more »

An Independent Reader says...

Hey Linda, I have been reading this blog for about two months. Linda, you're indeed right. more »