You don't seem to get it, my friend: we are an occupied...

Grogrenn - December 6 2007, 9:24 AM

You don't seem to get it, my friend: we are an occupied country.

The notion that Haiti is an independent country is a myth. We are not much different from our ancesters who lived in complete slavery.

The proof?

Any foreigner can say anything or do anything to Haitians, the government won't even say a word. Why?

because we are so dependent on the other countries they don't want the risk of them cutting foreign aid to us.
Therefore, we cannot say we are an in-dependent country when we depend so much on others.

As far as money being the source of our problems, I don't buy it. For those who live abroad, in the United States for example, look at how much we are taxed.

We are taxed on our income, we are taxed on the interest of the money we put in the bank, we are taxed when we make a purchase.

Everywhere you look, we are taxed up the ying yang.
Nations raised money by taxing their citizenry and everybody who does business with it.
Does our governement really want to raise money and make our country independent?

I really don't think so.
As a reward for the foreigners recognizing their legitimacy, the government does everything to make us dependent on other countries.

They can't even go to the bathroom without asking the foreigners for approval.

With an estimated 2 or 3 billion dollars spent by the UN in Haiti, about 1 billion collected by the DGI alone, over 2 billion sent by the diaspora and untold amount collected in foreign aid and other sources of income, the
country has enough to create a sustainable development program.

The question remains: does the government really want the country to develop or is it following its masters' orders to keep us in constant poverty and chaos?

You be the judge.

For the time being, it is obvious that the government seems to be running out of gimmicks to fool the population.

Sooner or later, the population is going to realize that this government is not different from the others of the past.
That's when all hell will break loose.

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