is december 25 jesus's birthday? not!

Flo - December 10 2007, 2:07 PM

I could not RESIST! Jesus birthday was celebrated by early Christians on JANUARY 6 for the first 300 years.

In fact December 25 is the birthday of the European Sun Gog MITHRA which precede Christianity by 1400 years some say 1200yrs anyway Mithra was born of a virgin on December 25, had 12 disciples performed miracles was dead for 3 days then ressurected.

In fact Jesus birthdate was changed by Emperor Constantine a follower of Mithra, 325 council of Nicea.

December 25 is also HORUS birthday which precede Christianity by 3000years.

This is even closer to the MYTH associated with JESUS.

Horus was born of a Virgin Isis, there was a star in the east, he was visited by 3kings with gifts, he was baptized at 12yrs of age, began his ministry at age 30, he had 12 disciples he performed miracles and walked on water.

Horus was crucified buried for 3 days
then ressurected.


Greece god Attis 1200yrs before Jesus born of a virgin on December 25, was crucified dead for 3 days then ressucected.

Krishna of India born of a Virgin December 25, 900yrs before Jesus, there was a star in the east, performed miracles crucified then ressurected, I could go on and on. Story of Moses is a plagiarize version (by the Jews) of the much older story of Sargon 2250 before christ(Sumeria, present day Iraq) The ten COMMANDEMENTS is another plagiarize version (by the jews) taken outright from the EGYTIAN BOOK OF THE DEAD (spell 125).

Stone tablets with law given to MISIS.

I do hope all of you have the software to watch the videos or you are missing some very interesting points.

The brightest star Sirius align with the 3 stars in the east in Orion belt call the three kings on December 24, which point to the SUN rise on December 25 the winter SOLTICE the birth of the GOD SUN. The ressurection of the SUN was celebrated during the spring EQUINOX or EASTER because thats when the revitalizing spring begins and day time becomes longer than the night.

I wanted to be facetious I would say that ALL THOSE GODS WERE BORN FROM WOMEN WITHOUT THE SEED OF MEN. I strongly believe since Jesus did not leave a book his teachings were corrupted by that heretic homosexual PAUL a criminal, torturer and killer of early Christians who claimed some obscure vision to promote his Mithra religion since he was in actuality Saul from Tarsus where that religion was well known.

( I do not understand when and why should the word of criminals and those who are deficient in character become holy and unquestionable.) Religion can make intelligent people act dumb and can make good people DO EVIL THINGS.

On November 2007 Soudi Arabia sentenced a woman to receive 200 lashes of Whip and 6months in prison after GET THIS she was GANG RAPED by 7 men. The SHARIA court claimed SHE was to BLAME not the men(who could not control their lust or penises I presume) because she accepted a ride in a car without a chaperone from an unrelated male. Those are the same Muslim men who created Sharia Mutah laws to give themselves the right to have sex with sucking babies thighs and breasts and claimed that to sodomize a baby is fine. I wonder if those same men would penetrate the baby vaginally, if that BABY would be sentenced to 200 lashes of whip also. People can become blind, and retarded due to religion and the manipulations of religious leaders.

Well do not let me spoil it for you, think of the end of the year a time of good will towards mankind, family and friends.

Will post 48 laws of Power when I have more time next week.
Video 1. Myth of Religion; The Solar Messiahs God's Sun Christ Horus
Video 2. Ancient Astronomy and Sun Worship part 4 of 4 (Story of Sargon, Moses, ten commandments)
Video 3. The Nativity Story (Birth of Jesus since I like to present both sides)

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Djakut says...

Hi, Flo there is a book called Satan Unmask, it has all the answers of your questions. And then, Jesus could not have... more »

Flo says...

I will check out your recommended book when I have more time. I ask a couple of people to finish posting some of the... more »

Pat says...

Did you watch zeitgeist cause i did and i don't believe in the bible. However i do suggest you look and the facts. For... more »

Someone With An Opinion says...

I get bored from time to time and do some research in the inevtable quest for knowledge as anyone does, thats why... more »

Thomasina Matangi says...

ur on the right track check out 25 is satans birthday not jesus. Satan is running our world with... more »

Tirto Kencono says...

GOD is GOD... Jesus is not GOD... Please see Yohanes 14: 23 - 28 Jesus says, that He is just prophet! There is any... more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

I did burn my Quran and my Bible don't have Yohanes (Indonasian slang word like Yohanes). God is God like you... more »

Tirto Kencono says...

just read Johanes 14: 23-28 ALLAH is GOD... Jesus is not GOD... Jesus says, that He is just prophet! There is any... more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Tirto,Mohammed was a prophet,Moses was a prophet many more.... As for Jesus,he was in the begining and he is the end... more »

Sansvergogne Haiti says...

Jean-Pierre, why are you attacking all those former presidents listed in your posting. They are all christianized like... more »