posted some songs in french : hola djakut

Flo - December 11 2007, 4:04 PM

I am posting some songs my mother likes.

I on the other hand prefer like MC Solaar and Zap mama. But you might like Sardou, Aznavour, Moustaki.

My mother says we give her a headache.

She plays those songs so much, I am beginning to like some of them myself.

(not my sister).

I will read your SOA post a little later tonight.1."Je Vais T'aimer" - Michel Sardou 2. Michel Sardou "l'aigle noir" 3. Charles Aznavour- La B o h e m e
4.Avé Maria - Aznavour 5.Le metéque - George Moustaki 6.Mc Solaar - Inch'allah 7. Jackito - Je l'aime a mourir(Haitien chanson d'amour)

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Hi, Flo Rony Jolicoeur je crois est le fils d'Aublin...



Post some songs for those of you going through that cold winter. Enjoy. Video1 Ayiti Cherie. Video2Choucoune song...

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Hi, Flo, je me rejouis maintenant avec ces chansons...

Helo friend, you won't believe how much i love your...

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