Obvious situation of Haitian People

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Obviously, you have to understand the value of the currency itself be effectively in order logical assessment can be A" factor.

I think every human have the right to live within a decency as well respect.

Understand this particular concerns most likely has to do rather Haitian people are not comfortable on their own environment.

The question is why they continue to do that?

I believe there is a variety of reason for that. I would like to understand how you conceived some of Haitian around you, when their social standard has failed below your expectation?

Haitian left Haiti because of misguide the code of their functioning itself however, Haitian government seem facing some serious challenge in order to comprehend this particular dilemma.

I believe human perseverance is the main factor.


Do Haitian people understand their situation

Do Haitian people understand the core of their causes

Do the government understand their duty against the causes.


What is our strategy of ideology can be use in order to solve the HVI impact

What is the quantity or quantities verse qualitative who are inside the system

What is the dynamics approach would should be implement for solution.


And what is are goal after all these considerations.


Do we considered ourselves as human or human being perhaps.


Where is the relativity of your legacy is coherent with reality.


The essential key is to implicated the thermodynamics theory of (NO AWAY).

To test a human perseverance for change it is very complex process may not be approach on simplex way of planetary gears that create momentum of validity.

8,000.000 people can't be that difficult to understand under some disciplinary action, unless their decency and the environment itself pretty much coherently destructive due to sort of misguided intellectualism concepts.

Let us understand China and the great wall which mean "standing structure that surrounds their believes.

I believe that can use as a model in order to overcome Haitian suffering or rather than try to understand kamikaze disturbingly group band situation.

Jeann F Moise, December 16 2007, 3:57 PM

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