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Veerle Kempenaers - December 17 2007, 1:49 PM

Bonjout monsieur Le Président,
I am Veerle Kempenaers, I live in Belgium.


We visited your country in 2005 because we adopted a little boy. He is doing very well, he has 2 sisters and one brother.

I am very happy and proud to be his adoptif mother.

I have some friends who started an adoption-procedure in the same crèche like ours. They already know almost a years wich girl will be their daughter.

We know the lows are changing and it is very difficult to have the right information.

That's why I write to You. It is very difficult for kandidate-adoptif-parents to just wait here and know nothing.

Mayby You can give me the right information.

Thank you very much

Veerle Kempenaers

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Karin says...

hey veerle zie je dat dit geen echte rene preval is???? maar ik ga je langs deze weg dit mailen, omdat je dan... more »