Ed no one is disputing that we, more than any other black...

Linda - December 22 2007, 8:35 PM

Ed no one is disputing that we, more than any other black nation on the face of the planet today, contributed greatly to modern society; from liberation strategy to art, to literature.

Your statement was not about what we did but how we are viewed by the world today.

Perception and reality differ greatly from each other.

Most people today know very little of what Haiti did in the past.

For that matter, most Haitians under 40 know nothing about their own nation's greatness.

The American media has for the past 20 years taken great pleasure out of publicizing every little negative thing they could dig up about Haiti.

During those years, we gave them a lot to work with.

If you dig through some of the blogs on this site, you will find countless of post from Haitians living all over the world talking about how horrible Haitians are treated in their adopted countries.

Anyway, I find it bizarre that you live in the US, where so many Haitians refuse to even acknowledge publicly that they are Haitian because of the way Haitians are perceived, yet you continue to deny the obvious.

I don't really get how you arrived at your conclusion, but I guess you are free to have your own personal illusions.


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