RPT, it's so sad that Haiti never gets people like you in...

Linda - December 25 2007, 1:27 PM

RPT, it's so sad that Haiti never gets people like you in power.

(Or at least people like you seem to be through the posts.) Is it something in the palace water that makes each Haitian president stupid, maniacal, or crooked once they become president.

I was impressed with your visions and plans for change in Haiti.

They were presented in a short, clear, and concise manner, and even an idiot could see how realistic, simple, and feasible they are. You needed no flowers or fancy speech to make us see how simple solutions could give greatly needed results.

Are you one of the many who cannot run for office?

Or don't you want to?

Sometimes our brightest minds cannot bring themselves to go for national leadership.

Who can blame you...Haiti has a weird history with its leaders.

Anyway, thanks for the post.


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