Folks, that's enough! We will be waiting for a longtime if we...

Tjd - December 26 2007, 2:15 AM

Folks, that's enough! We will be waiting for a longtime if we are waiting on the government to stop kidnapping, and abduction of our children! Me, Danto, the peaceful and protecting Spirit, I will not dare come down the branches of the big "Mapou", where I live, because I am afraid that these cold blooded criminals put their hands on me! They have no mercy for these little angels, these defenseless and innocent children.

Do you think they will spare me?

Our children are the future of the country.

We should have no mercy for the criminals who terrorize and kill them. These criminals should be exempt from the protection of human rights clauses.


The right think to do when such a criminal is apprehended is to cut his ear lobes, and his sexual organs, feed them to wild, hungry dogs; dig a hole, put the tug in it, pour syrup over his head, and let him be a nice meal for the ants, write the word Justice on their skin with a hot iron rod, break every single bone of his body, hanging him on public square would be too much a reward.

I swear, if Papa Doc and his "fellows" were in power, these criminals would be dealt with and we would not be picking up mutilated and tortured bodies of abducted children when their parents cannot afford to pay the ransom.

These bastards, even when the mighty ransom is paid, will poke these children eyes out despite.

Despite my deep disgust of Papa Doc and his acolytes, I must tell the truth in his plain form: this would never happened under his administration.

Worst, jealous and greedy relatives play a big role in children abduction and torture.

Although Duvalier would not hesitate to kill these bastards and at the same time eliminate some enemies, his infernal administration and the ultimate treason of the defrocked priest, the demon from PORT SALUT, lead to more misery, poverty, and now kidnapping in its cruellest form. Below is an excerpt from the news, this December 25, 2007. "At least 41 people have been kidnapped since Nov. 1 as criminals seek money for Christmas gifts.

Many of the victims are children, seized by gangs or abducted by relatives.

The country is still reeling from the case of a 7-year-old boy who was killed and mutilated last month after his parents could not pay a $680 ransom.>>

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