By saying to leave Mr Malbranch alone, is trhat a dictatorship...

Nathalie Joachym - December 29 2007, 1:18 PM

By saying to leave Mr Malbranch alone, is trhat a dictatorship tendency from your part, or an advice?

What make you think making a positive criticism like Rachel did is a sign of dictatorship?

what is wrong with suggesting that a blog be short, clear, and comprehensible?

That is the recommendation of this blog or website manager! Maybe You do no thave a clue of the foul langauge used by this man?

How would you feel to be callerd a "masochist', or referred to as a person having stinky, itching foul smelling private parts, intellectually inferior, mentally insane jusk by asking someone to be clear and concise?

You must be well versed in the french langauage to understand his anger.

The reaction of Malbranch is the exacte duplication of Duvalier, Aristide and other political figures with no tolerance for criticism.

Certainly no one is forced to read anything here, and no one has to write anything either! But the fact is when ever you do so you have an audience.

I will follow your " dictatorship".

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