Hi Nathalie. I am not forcing anyone to leave Mr. Malbranch...

Linda - December 29 2007, 2:04 PM

Hi Nathalie.

I am not forcing anyone to leave Mr. Malbranch alone; my point is exactly the opposite; all bloggers are free to write as much or as little as they want--that includes you too.

Your accusation that somehow I did not empathize with Rachel's response to a blogger (Malbranch) who had crossed the line of civility shows that you have not been with this blog very long. Those who have been blogging here for a while know that there were many times when bloggers replied viciously to me for the political or social commentaries that I post. Because the same principle of blogging applies here, I could choose to reply to those posts or to ignore them. I tend to always simply ignore them. Sometimes I write a final post just to tell the blogger that their â€"level of discourse is far below any level that I want to go to;” than I move on to the next interesting post. The point again is that this is a blog, and no one is forced to be here.

By the way, my post was not about Malbranch’s lewd remarks, but about the right to have a long post. I don’t read post that just go on endlessly.

Malbranch’s post was just too long, and I chose not to read it at all. I have my own library of books to cover before I ever consider spending that much time reading a post. So, I could not and did not comment on the content of the post, just the right for anyone to post something long, and the right for the rest of us to or not to read it.

You remind me of an old blogger friend who always used to keep me on my toes. Her name was Flo.

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