I agree that we have a language problem in Haiti. But the...

Mark - December 30 2007, 11:27 PM

I agree that we have a language problem in Haiti.

But the problem is not the french language itself, the problem is the method we use to educate students.

The majority of the schools in Haiti don't teach students how to speak french, they simply instruct students in french which is a big difference.

So kids spend years in school and come out not being able to really speak the language.

I was in Haiti in November I heard a guy arguing he was convinced that the french language was responsible for our lack of development.

I don't think that's the case. The school system needs a reform the method of instruction needs to be revised, because the incessant method of memorization is not getting us anywhere.

Research shows that kids are able to learn any language at a young age with no accent.

Among other things our leaders need to place a great emphasis on language.

By the time a kid is 8 years old he should be fluent in both creole and french.

And learning a third language like english would be great..

It's not imposible a lot of Canadians speak both english and french with practically no accent.

Simply because many of the schools in Canada create a curriculum that ensures that students speak the two languages well. I have heard some people saying that we should get rid of french and adopt english as our primary language, personally i think it would be a mistake.

First we would lose part of our identity, our culture.

Creole and french are sewed in our culture.

Secondly it just wouldn't be a wise thing, it would be too cumbersome and we would most likely face greater problems.

Improving what we currently have is best. The haitian shcool system was based on that of the French but they have made reform to theirs, we haven't. Despite Hait's many problems i see hope, I think we as a people can overcome all the challenges that we face. We can build this country everyone just needs to lay a brick

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