We are doomed!!!

Grogrenn - January 1 2008, 4:19 PM

For the new year, as many people around the world make wishes, I hope the government take an unprecedented step. We were the first black independent nation on earth and the second independent country in the American continent.

We have to recognize that we have failed pitifully as a nation.

We have failed not only because of conpiracy from foreign nations who frankly dislike us but pretend to be our friends, but also because of our senseless fighting among ourselves and our inability to control our destiny.

I personally believe that none of our institutions had been working for the good of the country.

Our past army was a tool used by foreigners to control the population.

In the past twenty years, our government had either been agent of the foreigners or controlled militarily under a guise of maintaining order.

We have to be frank with ourselves: nothing is going to change in Haiti for a long time. The actual government is only making promises for the future that it has no intention of keeping.

The haitian people don't know what to do. Poverty, insecurity, unemployment, no electricity, no healthcare, lack of basic infrastructures, you name it, they have it.
One friend told me that if there is a hell, it can't be worse than Haiti.

Before such a situation, I believe the government should take an unprecedented step: dissolve itself and the whole country!
That would be another first and hopefully the last step in a history of endless failures.

Happy New Year!

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