Your post ask to enumerate the crimes of Mr Malebranche. First...

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Your post ask to enumerate the crimes of Mr Malebranche.

First of all we do not call him a criminal.

We are just shocked by his anger when some one suggested that he made his post shorter and clearer for the average person to read and understand, because this blog is not a literary, politic or a philosophy club. this is a blog where anyone can come and leave a message to the president, or discuss the problems of our country.

Malebranche could have make a better impact, if he could follow this suggestion.

However, one disputed his intellect whatsoever until he exploded in a such repulsive and narcissistic way. You have to read what he said. I can not go back and retrieved all his vulgar and humiliating words.

Honestly, i think Mr Malebranche made a few mistakes, one of them is by calling the average french person all kind of name and yet ask told another french person about his coming trip to Paris on January 6, and give his own personal e-mail address which is "pulsar2005 at".

That is a crime against himself.

what if the tumultuous and teasing FOUYAPOT want to hurt him?

I hope you, his supporters come to your senses and stop fueling this nasty debate.

Steven, January 4 2008, 11:45 AM

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Cher monsieur Alain, vous parlez et reagissez comme Malebranche. Nous sommes eblouis par la facon dont les... read more >
Mack T., 4-Jan-08 11:25 am
Your post ask to enumerate the crimes of Mr Malebranche. First of all we do not call him a criminal. We are just... read more >
Steven, 4-Jan-08 11:45 am
On a le droit d'etre narcissique pourvu que l'on ne fait de mal a personne. Quand je vois le narcissisme de bush, de... read more >
J R Me Alain, 4-Jan-08 12:33 pm
Qu'avait-il d'irrespect dans la suggestion d'ecrire d'une facon lucide et comprehensible! Merci pour avoir reconnu que... read more >
Mark T., 4-Jan-08 2:09 pm
Steven, les disciples de Malebranche, au moins ceux qui frequentent ce blog, sont aveugle. Ils ne pratique que le... read more >
Tripot, 4-Jan-08 2:42 pm
Votre probleme sur ce site est que vous etes irrsspectueux et vous voulez traiter ceux qui y viennent comme s'il... read more >
J R Me Alain, 4-Jan-08 2:50 pm
Tripot, sou nonw chwazi ya, mwew se youn ti enbesil ki kwe joure moun desann moun nan. Malebranche dwe gen pitye pou... read more >
Vouzan, 4-Jan-08 2:56 pm
olye de (sit la fantis) li "sit la, espes de kokorat" read more >
Vouzan, 4-Jan-08 3:00 pm
Tripot ou kwe ou konprann mo ou repete yo. Fanatisme, narcissisme. Aavan ou di youn bagay konsa fo ta fe youn analiz... read more >
Menpawol, 4-Jan-08 3:12 pm
Alain, pourquoi me donnez-vous raison? Moi qui ai connu toutes les insultes de Malebranche et ses admirateurs... read more >
Fouyapot, 4-Jan-08 3:12 pm
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