JD, this is an interesting post. We all want to retire home...

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JD, this is an interesting post. We all want to retire home. But can I ask a few questions?

Where the Government will get the money to build housing, for "low income people who want to retire in their home town in Haiti, not only in Port au Prince"?

Haiti has a huge debt to pay, the interest only is killiing us. It is in tens of millions: " In 2005, the Haitian government spent more than $70 million on debt payment." "Today, Haiti's debt stands at some U$S 1.4 billion and debt servicing is calculated at approximately U$S 70 million annually.


ifis.choike.org/informes/92.html -.

All these employees, retirees, the senators deputies and their staff, The Government needs money, and the money borrowed from World Bank is being stolen by the elected and appointed officials.

The taxes collected is also gone by mysterious ways! There is nothing to show off for these loans.

We should not count on the Government to do anything to help us., but we must help the goverrnmamt to help us. We pay our taxes, we vote for the best person into office, we help fight corruption in the administration, briberies, incompetence, nepotism (moun pa).

That is one way we can help..

The diaspora has done a lot to keep the country going by supporting family members left behind.

But we can't expect the government to build housing for us when we retire.

That is something we can do by ourserlves.

But the problem is even when you build a house in Haiti, the contractor won't finish the job, and left with the money, family members spent the money for themselves etc...

If you dare to go there, you are running the risk to be kidnapped.

It is not an easy problem to solve.

That is before anything can be done down there, 3 problems must be solved: security, Justice, corruption.

What we need is a strong Government, strong enough to eliminate corruption, enforce the law, protect private properties and businesses at home, strong enough no deal with the other countries as parteners but not as a beggar, or restavek.

We may need entreprenneurs who can built those units for affordable price, in nice neighborhood.

Entepreneurs with brain, a good taste can solve the problem.

Housing for the Huge number of diaspora who will retire inthe next 15-20 years is a big opportunities for the business sector.

I do believe the government can be a partener in making this happen.

This is an opportunity to crerate job and retain our talented people.

Thanks for the post.

Steven, January 6 2008, 3:58 AM

Topic: Affordable Retirement Homes in Haiti for everyone

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JD, this is an interesting post. We all want to retire home. But can I ask a few questions? Where the Government will... read more >
Steven, 6-Jan-08 3:58 am


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