How to Spot a Looser

Lionne - January 17 2008, 2:41 PM

Eight (8) different personality types of dangerous men:
"The Permanent Clinger
This needy victim-based man gives a lot of attention but
demands complete devotion within the relationship to the
exclusion of a personal life.
he Parental Seeker
"This man needs a parent not a partner in a relationship.

man has very low functioning capabilities and uses
underachieving as a way of avoiding adult responsibilities.

The Emotionally Unavailable
"He is married, separated or dating someone else but usually will
tell you he is 'almost out' of the relationship but ironically, never
does really get out.
The Mentally Ill
"Appears normal at first, maybe even notably talented, but then
his erratic behaviors begin making a woman's life scary and

Unhinging from the relationship is dangerous and time

He seeks women who are likely to not know about
mental illness.

The Addicted
Addictions can include drugs, alcohol, sex, pornography, thrill
seeking behavior, or relationships.

He enjoys women who also
have addictions or women who know nothing about addictions
and are not likely to confront them about theirs.

The Violent
Often his charmingness is hard to leave and of course, he will
never do it again.

He likes women who are highly committed to
relationships and faithful.

The Hidden Lifer
These men have other undisclosed women, children, diseases,
criminality, dangerous addictions/jobs/hobbies or lives.

He likes
women who are distracted with their own lives.

The Emotional Predator
Some predators want access to a women's children, other are
looking for a place to flop and not work, others are looking for the
ultimate kill. Women who have unmet needs from previous
relationships, recently divorced or dumped, overwhelmed with
parenting responsibilities, lonely, or unusually naive are his pick
of the day." Each one of these types of men feed on women who fit their

Watching a friend or family member go through a
relationship with one of these men is quite awful.Love Wisely!Love yourself.


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