Stop Pointing Fingers at the Elite

Maximus - January 20 2008, 4:29 PM

They are business men and women trying to make a living.

They are not engaged in any acts of violence, torture, murder or making people disappeared.That's the government.The majority rule but the minorities should have rights.

However unlike other countries, in Haiti the minority own the major businesses.

Approximately 150 families hold the wealth of the country.They keep the economy going.

The get nothing in return for their taxes, no services whatsoever and they certainly do not send their children to public schools.

They have paid enough taxes to give numerous governments in Haiti for the past 100years a golden parachute out of the country.

Those ex-rulers get to live in luxery along with their family for the rest of their lives, on the elite tax dollars, while the elite have to continue to work to survive.

The gens de couleur have nothing to do with 1915 or 1994 or 2004. Get your stories straight in 1915 it was the Syrians who welcomed the invasion of the Americans for the stability, not the gens de couleur.

Do not confuse or fuse the two groups.

It was the propensity for violence by the Majority black group when they want to get their way that gave the excuse for the invasion by the US, same thing in 1994 and 2004. Who did what to who?

Everytime the gens de couleur give their support they get back-stabbed, they get to watch their people get bouchered by one leader or another who wanted to rule and see them as a treat while you people applauded such acts. How far back in history do some of you want to go back to?

Start with your Jean Kina and the black cultivateurs who tried to exterminate the Affranchis Army, who were trying to wrest control from the French.

Jena Kina served his own interest and those of the French.

Let say he was used to keep the mulattos in check, but we can move on to several leaders who tried to exterminate the gens de couleur throughout the history of Haiti.

I do not wish to vilify our heroes.

I see some people on this blog have grudges about some university in 1915 than was voted against being built.

Did any of your charismatic leaders built any university for the past 50 years what about your noirist Duvalier?

Did he built any?.

What was the literacy rate in 1915?

In 2007 the illiteracy rate was estimated at 80 percent, so in 1915 it may have been 90 percent How many people did actually complete secondary school?

My father was not even born yet, it seems that the old ones are passing on their poison to the next generations.

Has it occurred to any of you that it may have been a business decision?

Who was qualified to teach at such university?

where were the funds coming from to pay them. In those days those who could afford to finish secondary school had a tradition of going to la Sorbone University in France which has a free tuition until this day, as long as one can pay for their cost of living and their books.

Point your fingers at yourselves and your government for causing your own miseries.

Would any of you invest 100 dollars of your hard earned money in a Haitian bank and risk having your money being borrowed against or take a flight to an offshore bank account.

Did any of you give the elite something to hold for you "yon bagay kinbe pou nous".

They are NOT trying to get anything from any of you. They have to bribe you to get the smallest favor.The elite own you nothing, and the gens de couleur certainly did not fight for independence so that the black majority can become the masters either.

The minority elite do not count on your support, and can never trust the majority group in power, They certainly would have been better off without most of you. Why do most of you keep having a bunch of children when you have no money to survive in the first place.

The UN is there at your president's request which is renewable every six months to keep him and his government safe from your violence, I certainly hope that he has a security force being trained in those mountains to eventually replace the UN. Start pointing the fingers at yourselves not the elite you are paying today for your own stupidities, ignorance, treachery and viciousness.

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