Changing Haitian currency to US

Malan - November 13 2006, 5:45 AM

Dear Mr President

It is a pleasure for me to send you this comment and I hope you have a chance to read it, let us talk about the economy as you know most of the third world countries are supported by many of us Diasporas who live abroad specially Haiti.When we do send US dollards to Haiti for our families, that money goes for changing Sou Grand Rue and you never see it again because the banks and the commercans have people in the street to take the money away for their own good. So sir you can stop that by propose a law for changing the Haitian currency to US currency, that will help the economy because there will be no more gourdes for them to change and send it to outside banks.

For example if they changed $ 500 they put $100 to the economy and $400 goes to Swiss banks, and the small vendors will no longer need US dollard to buy their goods because the Diaspora and the small vendors are the one who are really helping the Haitian economy, in 1994 I was working for a US comapny when more than 60.000 international troops went to Haiti and invested more than $ 5 billions those monies are all gone.
So sir changing the currency is the only solution I can think of unless somebody come with a better Idea
I know a lot of Commercans will complain about them loosing money they need to help the country make a sacrify, because we have been sacrify to them more than 200 years
Salvador recently did that and now their econmy is doing better than before
Let's give it a try to see how it works and I garranty you it is going to work

Thank you Mr President

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Yves Lonmaren says...

Malan Quatsch. Halt die Klappe. That is what we say in German(Garbage, shut the up) Why changing our Currency in to US... more »