Excuse me dear friend, the conversation is not mine; but allow...

Paul Franck - January 21 2008, 10:15 PM

Excuse me dear friend, the conversation is not mine; but allow me to clarify something for whosoever you may be.It's true about everything that you said US did for all of us.But remember, it is related in marketing: as nothing is free on earth, therefore, no one gives nothing for nothing.

As Bill Clinton once stipulated: it's not a free system.

Thus, whatsoever a country gives to another benefiting its people, regardless how it was done, it has always been some sort of exchange in the long run.For your information, America is not in business for charity.

You may think, based on certain limited information of yours, they are good samaritain, but it has never been so.When this nation gives something out to any country, you better believe it, they are not stupid like many of us who let them or anybody else pillaging our country for their self interest.Stop putting your fellow patriots down because of maybe your somewhat noble unexpected position occupied in the US.

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