Hi RPT. Glad to see that you're still blogging and still...

Linda - January 26 2008, 2:36 PM

Hi RPT. Glad to see that you're still blogging and still making great sense of our situation.

You are right, about the problem of "gestion des cadres du pays." This is what I've been referring to as the problem of a lack people who can actually form Think Tanks to formulate the necessary plans to rebuild the various national structures and infrastructures.

In my academic lingo the word "structure" stands for national institutions and the word "infrastructure" refers to those things that make a society run smoothly.

Recently, I listen to a body of men in charge of education in Haiti.

I was shocked and sadden by what I was hearing.

The government had just received great funds for education.

The individuals speaking were clearly out of their element.

They had absolutely no proposals on how they were going to use that money.

What they said in the press conference was that they were going to have a forum on education, but by the end of the press conference (that is withing the space of an hour) the same individual then said that they were going to have six forums.

It occurred to me than that this was going to be another time that much needed $ for education was going to go to waste.

That most of that money was going to be spent on entertaining people and showing off for the media, and that five years from now we will still be talking about our problem with education.

I know that "planification du system de gestion" is not all that your post was about, but that is all that I have time to address right now. I hope that someone else answers your great point about the need for those in charge of certain areas to actually live within those areas.

I don't know if that's exactly what you meant, but I agreed with the gist of it.


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