Les Professions en Haiti Going back to get killed?

Samuel - January 27 2008, 6:03 PM

Are you kidding man?

Most of the "brains" who left in the 60's were ran out of their country by that maniac Duvalier.

Most of their children grew up in Europe, and USA. Their grand-children are no longer Haitians.

The middle class followed for a better life elsewhere and due to the political killings and repression.

They did not want to be the next victims.

The poor followed by boats for economic reasons.All that poverty and brutality and lack of basic necessities with cities and provinces teeming with germs and bacteria all over the streets could prove dangerous to our physical and mental health.

I am not going back not even for a vacation.

Someone or a gang might rob or kill me and my family.

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Les Professions en Haiti

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