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Linda - February 5 2008, 9:57 AM

Rubens, I'm beginning to see that you are dead serious about running for president of Haiti, and that really scares me. You should not be president of a social club let alone a country.

Let me list why:

1. You have repeatedly demonstrated that you are unable to really listen to what other people are telling you. The problem with people who can't really hear others is that they never really get the gist of a problem, not are they able to listen to the ideas of different people who might be able to contribute to the problem's solution.

2. People who can't listen have that problem because they suffer from two things.

One, a great lack of self confidence which they cover-up by always trying to prove that they and they alone are right.

Two, they lack true knowledge and cover that up by constantly throwing at people the knowledge that they do have. These two things put together are lethal for Haiti.

We've had plenty of Rubens in the past and look where we are today.

3. I think that you are a fairly intelligent man, but your insecurities make you lash out and become vicious.

We saw this same behavior in Duvalier pere and in Aristide.

Of course Haiti needs an intelligent leader, but intelligence alone is not enough.

Hence a college degree alone is not enough.

Haiti needs someone who can demonstrate that they have led many people, many times, to do many things.

That would demonstrate a person who is able to join people together to make them work for a larger purpose.

She also needs a leader who is able to hire the right people who will tell him/her the truth about all things involving the health of the nation.

An insecure person will only hire people who he knows will tell him only what he wants to hear and how great he is. You have demonstrated many times on this blog that you cannot take anyone disagreeing with you. When people have disagreed with you here, you act like a child and throw a tantrum.

You attack them either openly or subtly; this is certainly not the signs of a great leader, and right now Haiti needs not just a leader, but a great leader.

I really am not trying to hurt your feelings, but the truth is that you have a lot of personal growth to do before you start thinking about becoming president of Haiti.

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