Get a reality check!

Get A Reality Check - February 5 2008, 2:30 PM

Aristide failed twice as president of Haiti.

Not too many people get such second chance in life. He had been preaching violence for decades.

He wanted the poor to take on the elite, instead of coming up with labor laws and minimum wages and social security benefits and other social programs.None of you "té bayo yon bagaye kinbé pour nous" Those people work hard for their money.

Aristide has proven to be a consummate lier and a thief.

The Americans invented computers and programming, so the minute Aristide started depositing all that stolen money in those offshore banks accounts, they refused to release any more money from IMF indicating they wanted a regime change.

Aristide is unredeemable, therefore banishment is his just punishment.

Wake up! He was never kidnapped, he was told that the US was no longer going to prop-up his government nor protect him. He asked time to consult with his wife then he decided to leave.

The US provided a secure airplane.

Get a reality check!


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