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You both sound the same. You are clearly trying out our patience and we have to physically restrained Lionne2 to get her fingers off that computer.

Good night.

WE HAVE PLACES TO GO, PEOPLE TO SEE AND THINGS TO DO. Go get laid somewhere, Peut-être tu n'a pas personne pour faire l'amour avec, parce que tu es trop gras, trop stupide, et trop laide.

Ferme ta boite a camentbert.

Bon soir femme moche.

Les Lionnes, February 11 2008, 10:27 PM

Topic: A Haitian on American Idol

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She is very pretty. Her parents did a good job, she has a certain charisma that that is very charming. I must say that... read more >
Sabrina, 10-Feb-08 3:25 pm
That fat girl with that big wigg, thats your idea of pretty? Her voice is OK but she needs to loose some weight and... read more >
Nadia, 11-Feb-08 2:05 pm
Were you suggesting that we all vote for her BECAUSE she is Haitian? Why do you feel that we should support her ONLY... read more >
One Lionne, 11-Feb-08 4:12 pm
You haitian people should be ashamed of yourselves. Your reactions to Joanne Borgella are not just or patriotic. For... read more >
Fabrize, 11-Feb-08 5:23 pm
We did not hear Bogella sing much yet, and her choice of song was clearly inappropriate. I think her face is pretty... read more >
Lionne, 11-Feb-08 9:32 pm
Who do you think you are talking all this trash to? Are you from URANUS or something. We eat Luigen boje for breakfast... read more >
Lionne, 11-Feb-08 9:39 pm
It is so sad how you can sit behind your computer in the comfort of your home and be so negative toward a fellow... read more >
Nancy, 11-Feb-08 9:57 pm
Nous ne connaissons pas Nadia mais Les lionnes ont repondu l'un des postes. Tu souffre du retardement ma chere... read more >
La Lionne, 11-Feb-08 10:15 pm
You both sound the same. You are clearly trying out our patience and we have to physically restrained Lionne2 to get... read more >
Les Lionnes, 11-Feb-08 10:27 pm
Is Lionne french for lioness? I heard in the wild female lions are the ones that go hunting. Do you hunt in pack? If... read more >
Tete Languette, 11-Feb-08 11:08 pm
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