Rosenberg, my friend, you need a good dose of reality check...

Grogrenn - February 20 2008, 11:49 AM

Rosenberg, my friend, you need a good dose of reality check.

Let's suppose, for argument's sake, that Haiti was to create a new army force of 5000 people.

The minimum salary for the individual soldier should be $1000 haitian dollars.

Considering that superior officers make more money, we are talking an average of $1500 per person in the army. I estimate $7.5 million per month which comes to $90 million per year just for salary.

Add equipment, uniforms, arms, food, healthcare and other expenses and the price could get easily to $500 million to a $1 billion haitian dollars EVERY YEAR to maintain such an army.
Who is going to foot the bill?

What does the haitian people get for the price of such an army?

The haitian army in the past was before all an occupation army. It dwelled in drugs, kidnappings and acts of terror.

It was before all an army who was working for foreign interests, not for the haitian people.

I remember working in an Haitian bank and soldiers would come in, armed to the teeth, and deposit tens of thousands of dollars each. Where did these soldiers who were making $300 a month get such an amount?

Nobody would dare to ask them!
As for your argument that security would be restored with a new army, it's just hogwash.

When the army was controlling the country right before President Aristide came back, the soldiers themselves would become thieves come nighttime and rob the defenseless citizens.

Mr.Rosenberg, if in the US army, the military respect the right of civilians to control them, the haitian army thought they should exercise control over civilians.

No wonder that civilian governments had to face endless coups d'etat from the military.

I was never a big fan of President Aristide but, for all the reasons mentioned above, I am glad he got rid of such an evil institution.

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