Ahh you have made many valid points dear friend and...

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Ahh you have made many valid points dear friend and compatriot.

I applaud you for bringing this to my attention as needed, indeed.

However my so called "Unrealistic" vision as you put it still stand firm within belief that a New HAITIAN ARMED FORCES would serve Haiti and its citizen greatly.

Without any doubts, the financial aspect of it is just as crucially needed as it strategic side of the idea; but imperativelly it is necessary.

Needless to say, that it should be thought over and analyzed carefully before being implemented in all and any aspects that should be taken of great consideration.

Take into consideration that the Foreign Forces that are now in Haiti, though minimal in intent, is still and occupational mission to stabilize the country.

Having it being such in nature and just as it has been done in many other countries where foreign forces are in for stabilizing missions it is imperativelly needed for them to help restore such countries defense force before leaving to help assurably maintain the level of stabilization they have inplaced.

In the primary stage of such effort to re-instate the HAITIAN ARMED FORCES would first be on the budget of the UN organization and International Aid above due to their missionary agenda that they have decided to engage in for HAITI until such a country gain prospects of great and confidential economical improvment that can be viewd acceptable to scale of their projectory success plan for HAITI.

Do not be fooled my dear compatriot, it is a must and thus obligatory in the mission just as it has been for Iraq, Afghanistan and other destabilized countries where foreign forces are or were deployed.

The US and with the assistance of Spain and Europe have spent so much, direct and indirectly, to fund the DOMINICAN ARMY with equipments, uniform and arms; (and best believe it dear friend, fiscal monetary budget for their pay as well) due to suspicions that HAITI one day due to its own unstability of economical, social and political problems may cause a threat as it has in the past marched and occupied the Dominican Republic.

The Economy there is still no greater than HAITI economy by that greater of a margin and that is a reality.

However thiers is gradually and respectfully improving subsequently due to their tourism system they have implaced and maintained for their country over the past couple recent years.

It is easy and quite discriminatory to simply deploy troops in a country tours after tours and place a couple of soldier here and there with the pretencehood that democracy, order and stability is being restored when nothing within their plans for the long run shows true intent to keep that region stabilized by bolstering such a country with its own means to maintain that stability, order and democracy.

Imagine what would happen once such forces actually leave HAITI, do you pipcture HAITI keeping that so called stability for long time without and Army?

Polices forces are not military forces.

A police force can only do so much to keep civility of the people in a small scale within cities, counties perhaps (arroundissment); but not for the whole country, provincial regions or (Departments) in whole.

Wilgeens Rosenberg, February 20 2008, 2:12 PM


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Ahh you have made many valid points dear friend and compatriot. I applaud you for bringing this to my attention as... read more >
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