Wilgeens Rosenberg - February 20 2008, 9:23 PM

Let us take Canada for example.

A rich and prosperous country, peaceful and of no discriminatory policies against immigrants.

Canada needs immigrants!

You want to work, study and even earn your legal right; all is needed is the effort to put into it, due process and at times, the fees. For you, your family or friends to connect at www.iteconnect.com they will assist you a great deal.

Unfortunatelly, records have shown a great deal and amount of Immigrants in Canada are Americans looking for a better life, much like the Mexican migrating to the US or Haitians to the Dominican Republic are looking for a better life. Yet, Canada has yet to claim that there is a US invasion like most Right Wing Conservative Republicans in the US has been screaming of a Mexican Invasion.

Most of Canada major cities such as Ontario, Toronto and Ottawa is closed to being overpopulated with Americans, yet Canada as yet to sound the bell and make and issue about it.

Well that is because Canada has excelled its level of Government to a more level of Heart, Humanity and Comprehension that Immigrants are the Backbone of many economies everywhere around the globe; especially if many jobs that are demanding in labor and minimum pay rates are widely c onsidered by immigrants before regular Citizen will ever consider them.

To bring back your focus the the Dominican, Haitian Issues.

Unfortunatelly to say and admit, the Dominican Republic economy is no greater than the Haitian economy by a vast margin; only slightly due to a level of security there is there which have allowed tourists to travel there and invest which in retrospect have maintained their economy.

The economy there in the Dominican Republic is not being maintain much due to their brian at work or efforts, only because at any given time their economy could face great plunging peril.

Thus obviously, it is of no shoking news that aside their varioust claims against Haiti which are basely racist and full of past resentments and growing fear of the past repeating itself, they find themselves right in the midts of the Blaming Game and excuses given if any day their economy were to fall they have an easy target for blame.

The Haitians luckily are the underdogs of the poverty issues and in need of exhubering rescue and yes pity that anybody tend to think they could belittled and denigrate and discriminating against before they can ever even land a helping hand.

Neither the Haitian and the Dominican Government can actually realized and come to terms with that without their help and with a bad economic Haiti it would always result to a possible failure of their own economy thus the entire Island eventually if there is no bilatteral diplomacy, and setting aside their differences and to start engagin in active efforts to defuse the issues of both the past and that of the present which represent an innevitable threat to them both as two nations occupying the very same Island.

Neither of them has come to make logic with the fact that no matter how much they hate or at each other's throat the Island will not be divided unless an act of nature occurs and split them appart literally.

I still believe there is great chance for both nations to live peacefully, with humanity, grace much more, civility.

The key word to excercise trying is TRY.

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