Dr. Laroche. I am very excited you can read french as well...

Rubens F. Titus - March 6 2008, 9:11 PM

Dr. Laroche.

I am very excited you can read french as well. What I said ain't no excuses; they are historical facts.

The story of Haiti is similar to the theme in the movie 'Man of Honor': you cannot succeed if the people around you have one objective, to sabotage your success.

History is no excuse.

I am begining to find out that most Haitians resist looking back in time for fear of discovering our own demon and more importantly the true faces of Mother Haiti's enemies.

You may be thinking in the present, I am thinking in historical time and space.

Hadn't the elite destroyed Henry's Christophe Colleges in 1820, my homeland would have had university campuses that are 180 years old.
I have no problem talking about results of today because the ultimate goal is to move the country forward but those discussions can only be fruitful in the light of historical perspective.

The Americans occupied Haiti (1915-1934) while occupying the Dominican Republic (1916-1924); the Dominican Republic got massive american investments whereas Haiti got a debt. Some people speculate that the Americans got pissed off at the Haitian elite (both money & intellectual) for making the occupation unpopular, I say it aint so; I say it was a matter of black and white.

" What could have been" is what the current generation needs to know if it aspires to understand why and how a piece of land called Haiti went from France's richest colony to the world most impoverished nation.

Armed with that knowledge and that wisdom, then this generation can begin to move the country forward.

Dr. Laroche, welcome to the revolution; a whole new vision for Haiti.



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