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Willy Petitfrere - March 12 2008, 7:00 PM

Hi am a Bahamian citizen living in the Bahamas, my parents are from haiti.

My disire is to open a business in haiti and investing in the country.This business will beneifit a lot of Haitians.

Please tell me what grants loans etc are there to start.

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Rkgs says...

We will help you if you can help us to be granted diplomatic recognition from Haiti. Let me point out to you this is... more »

Willy Petitfrere says...

I tried replying to you with the following email but did get a rspond could you please furnish with your correct email. more »

Rkgs says...

It is: rkgs1 at and I have just finished sending message to the Minister of Fianance for Haiti and emails... more »

Willy Petitfrere says...

Again i am having problems emailing you,here is my email addresses.Please send me a reply right away and i will... more »